Acne Treatment Kit

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A complete treatment kit for acne-prone skin.

Acne Treatment Kit includes:
1. Acne Cure Paste
2. NeemActive Face Spray
3. Neem Facewash
4. Night Cream
5. Poppy Seed Scrub Soap

These five products are the best combination to treat acne, scars, spots, and keep your skin healthy for a long time even after you will stop using the products.

Ps. Acne treatment kit usually takes 4 weeks (vary according to every skin case) to show results. Keep on using it regularly as per instructions. Taking care of your sleep patterns, diet, water intake, and stress is a must along with the kit usage.

Please note we make fresh stock every 15 days. #organic
All products are safe to use for 2 months after purchase.

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